The Best Marvel Merch Out Right Now

Daniel Wellington


The Marvel comic and cinematic universe has taken the world by storm in the past decade. Hit productions like The Avengers, Spiderman, The Black Panther, Captain Marvel and so many more provide excitement for fans to enjoy.

Well, forget the Eiffel Tower, forget the NY Yankees Stadium or the White House. This year, your favourite Marvel heroes are coming right to your door. That’s right, this time next week you could be taking Hulk to the fish and chip shop, Thor to Aldi, or Iron Man to the local Post Office.

Take a look at some of our very favourite Marvel Merch on offer right now.

Marvel Spiderman Adult Men's Embroidered Costume Fleece Robe Bathrobe


Whether male or female, after taking one look at this sweet dressing gown, you already know you’ll look awesome in it.

Who among us hasn’t watched a Spiderman movie, and proceeded to flick imaginary webs from their wrists at every wall and surface in sight?

This fantastic product from Ultimo is officially licensed. It’s listed only in men’s sizes, but it’ll also be great for women or teens looking for a loose-fitting robe.

It’s made of a soft plush fabric that’ll be perfect for lounging on the couch enjoying your latest Marvel movie marathon. They’re also perfect for wearing by a swimming pool, or just after taking a shower.

Fans love how comfortable and well made the robe is, and we’re sure that you will too.

Superman T-Shirt and Gym Bag Drawstring Backpack 


This superb collection comes in all sizes, for the younger superheroes in training up to the fully grown heroes of this world.

Fans of Superman will love to strut proudly around the local shopping centre with that world-famous S emblazoned on their front and back at the same time.

This unisex package from Giano is great quality. The t-shirt is made from 100% cotton, so it’ll be incredibly comfortable, and the logos are made with high-quality fabric serigraphy, so you’ll never worry about them becoming damaged in the washing machine, or while you’re soaring through the air on your next heroic adventure.

The bag itself has reinforced corners to maintain the integrity of the drawstring for years to come.

It’d make the perfect gift for any Marvel superhero fan. You’ll look perfect at the gym, playing sports, and going to the park. Just like Superman, you could go anywhere in this outfit and still look awesome.

Wall Lamp - Marvel Thor Hammer 3D LED Light


This smashing product from Wall Lamp will really brighten any Marvel enthusiast’s day and provide the ultimate comfort light for children of all ages.

Thor is known above all else for his wielding of an all-powerful hammer, allowing him to defeat any enemy that dares to challenge him. Now, this hammer can keep your kids feeling safe, and help them relax and get to sleep at night.

The hammer mounts to any wall on top of a crack sticker, making it appear as though Thor himself launched the hammer right into the wall.

It’s fantastically easy to install, and everything you’ll need is included. When turned on, the light reflects in a way that makes it look like it’s coming through the other side of the wall.