The Best Gifts To Get Your Partner in 2021

Daniel Wellington


Buying a gift can be a pretty overwhelming challenge these days. Gone are the times when we’d walk down to the local shops and choose something from a limited selection within thirty minutes.

The internet has changed everything. We can buy almost anything at the click of a button. This can make it difficult to know where to start searching for the perfect gift to buy for our partner.

Well, if you find yourself stumped in this dilemma, we’re here to help, with a couple of great gift ideas to buy for your partner in 2021.

Eminem - Music To Be Murdered By Side B – Deluxe Edition


If your partner is a hip hop fan, then there couldn’t possibly be a better gift to buy for them in 2021. In late December 2020, with almost no warning whatsoever, the Detroit rap icon released his second album of the year, ‘Music To Be Murdered By, Side B’, to widespread commercial and critical acclaim. His technical style of wordplay is on show as always, but the modernising of his sound continues to find a new niche within the current mainstream hip hop scene.

Dr.Dre features heavily, both as a producer and a rapper.

Eminem returns a little to the style of his album ‘Relapse’ from 2009. It’s punchy, pithy and tongue-twisting. It’d be perfect to keep your spirits and energy up on a rainy drive home, or on a Friday night while getting ready for some drinks in town.

This is Eminem back to his lyrical peak, making this one of the best gift choices out there right now! 

Motast Smart Watch, with Sleep Monitor, Full Touch Colour Screen, Bluetooth and Fitness Watch Pedometer for Android and iOS


The increasing growth in sales of smartwatches is likely to continue to soar throughout 2021. More and more, we can see people using them for fitness apps, payments, alarms, weather predictions, or even music.

For many of us, though, they still feel a little alien. The number of things we can seemingly do with them can feel a little daunting. Well, if your partner fits into the bracket of, ‘might be interested in a smartwatch at some point’, then this could be the perfect product.

This Motast smart watch is an incredibly inexpensive, efficient, easy-to-use, highly reviewed product. You could almost see it as a ‘starter’ smartwatch.

It has some awesome functions, like 240 resolution for images, a full touch screen, sports modes, a sleep monitor, counters for steps, calories, controls for music, calls, texts, and many more functions. 

There will be countless hours of fun for your partner just testing out all of these fun components. Even the battery life is phenomenal, lasting up to a week, and up to a month if left purely on standby. It also charges in just one and a half hours.

It’s compatible with iOS and Android, and watch apps can be connected with any phone using iOS 9.0 or Android 5.0 and above.

The strap comes in a variety of colours, and so is perfectly multi-gendered. It’s even waterproof, which is certainly a key requirement in our beloved United Kingdom. Whether washing your hands, taking a bath, swimming, or exercising in the rain, the watch will continue to work perfectly.