Get Boozy This Black Friday With These Unbelievable Discounts

Mark Preston

With all the great savings you can make this Black Friday, you may be in the mood for a little celebration. Or perhaps you want to get your partner something so they won’t be too mad when the credit card bill arrives! Whatever your reasons, there’s a fantastic selection of boozy bargains to suit every budget and every palate. Here’s our choice of the best deals on offer: We had to start with some bubbly, didn’t we? But this isn’t just any champagne - it’s the world-famous Laurent-Perrier Champagne, and it comes in a beautiful presentation box. Don’t just celebrate - celebrate in style! And with nearly a third off the regular price, why not push the boat out and order two bottles? You may not be aware of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, but your American pals will know it - and love it! It’s renowned for its rich and smooth taste, and if you’ve never tried it before, now’s the time to give it a go. Better still, this discounted gift pack comes with a special cocktail syrup so you can mix your own “Old Fashioned” - one of the most popular US cocktails! The past few years have seen an explosion of gins available on the market, and this Malfy Gin Rosa Pink Grapefruit Italian Gin is one of our favourites. It takes its inspiration from a recipe that was first used by Italian monks on the Amalfi coast nearly a thousand years ago. And if you like it, there are lots of other wonderful flavoured gins to try from Malfy. La dolce vita! For those people who think it’s always wine o’clock, we have the perfect solution. This versatile, easy-drinking McGuigan Black Label Red is great to drink on its own, but it also goes perfectly with Italian or spicy food. It’s great value too. Order this case of six bottles, and you’ll have no excuse not to share it with your friends. Cheers! We weren’t quite sure what to make of the weird bottle and glasses for Mamont Siberian Vodka. But then we tasted this award-winning Russian spirit and were willing to forgive it. Vodka connoisseurs, this is the one for you! And in case you were wondering, the tusk-shaped bottle and glasses pay homage to Siberia’s most famous former resident - the woolly mammoth! Fancy something a little different? How about some Dead Man’s Fingers? This tasty rum might not have the most appetising of names, but it certainly has a great taste (and it’s not just us who think that - it also won a BBC Good Food Award in 2019 in the Spiced Rum category). Assuming you’re not afraid of pirates, it’s a great basis for cocktails too. We’re big fans of this ready-to-sup Raspberry Gin Fizz from Edinburgh Gin. It’s a refreshing take on this fashionable drink, in all senses of the word! The 12 pack offers great value, and the format is just so handy - chill them in the fridge and you’re good to go. Best of all, no more worries about forgotten or flat mixers! If you’re torn between ordering whisky or sauvignon blanc, why not try this amazing Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch? Finished in white wine casks, it really does offer you the best of both worlds: the fresh taste of a sauvignon blanc, combined with the smooth flavour of single malt. Like McDonald’s French Fries and ice cream, the combination shouldn’t work - but it does!

This is just a small selection of the great deals on offer this Black Friday. Check out the amazing bargains and make sure you don’t miss out!