5 Creative Ways To Light Your Home

Mark Preston

Is your home in need of freshening up or brightening up? Many people have had the time to paint and decorate their homes this year… but often they leave the same old boring light fixtures and fittings in place.

That’s a shame, because new lighting systems can brighten your mood - literally! And amazingly, the prices are extremely competitive (we mean cheap!) - often no more than you’d pay for regular solutions. So here’s a list of five of the best creative ideas - read on for some inspiration and light-bulb moments! Ditch that boring old standard lamp! The future is here, and it’s here now! The Makion Alexa WiFi LED Floor Lamp is guaranteed to transform your room, your mood, and maybe even your life. This futuristic piece of kit comes at a surprisingly down-to-earth price, and is every inch the technological masterpiece!

It’s fully compatible with Alexa and Google Home, customisable for colour, and the head is adjustable up, down, and by angle. But our favourite feature is the music mode, where the light syncs with the beat. Your home will never be the same again! Here’s proof that you don’t need to flash the cash too much for a creative and fun lighting effect. Everybody loves fairy lights, but Litigo’s 100 LED Photo Clip String Lights provide a clever variation on the theme. The lights come with 60 transparent clips, which are perfect for hanging pictures, Christmas or birthday cards, children’s artwork, and so on - the choice is endless. Because they’re battery-powered, lightweight, and easy to hang, the lights are perfect for special occasions like Christmas, weddings, and parties. But you may want to use them all year round - like the teenagers and students who love them! We just adore these achingly beautiful Cololight Pro - Smart LED Light Panels. They’re proof of how far lighting technology has come in the past few years. Once the exclusive preserve of the richest of the rich, these ambient lights now cost no more than a run-of-the-mill table lamp… but there really is no comparison.

This starter pack comes with three panels, but you can add more to create different shapes, all mountable on a table, wall, or ceiling. Select the light colour to suit your mood (16 million to choose from!), control via an app or Alexa/Google Home, and synch with your music: this truly is 21st-century lighting. Kids will love this fantastic LED Night Light Projector… but so will grown-ups too! Choose from galaxy, water wave, or starry sky effect, with ten colours and 32 lighting combinations. You can position it at different angles to project onto the ceiling or wall, and you can also synchronise it with music.

Many parents use this light to help get their kids off to sleep at night, but it’s also a great centrepiece for parties and celebrations. The sky’s the limit! We have a confession to make. Our initial thought was that the Caxmtu LED Toilet Light Nightlight was the answer to a question that no-one asked. But that was before we tried it out. And you know something? Whilst it’s a bit bonkers, it’s actually rather brilliant! Easy to fit, economical, and featuring eight rotating colours, it’s a great talking point when you have guests to stay!

It’s especially handy if you have young children who get up to go to the loo in the middle of the night. The clever motion sensor automatically turns the light on, and gives off just enough brightness to ensure their aim is true. It’ll also switch off when you turn on the big light. Genius!

We heartily recommend you try out all of these brilliant new lighting solutions. Every single one of them truly is a bright idea!